Return Policy

For all products, the returns/replacement policy provided on the product page shall prevail over the general returns policy.

The product can be returned or exchanged in the following cases only:

  1. The product is different from what was mentioned on the website.
  2. A defective/damaged product has been received .

How does Madinamobile process returns?

You are always welcome to exchange or refund any item(s) purchased online within 3 days of receiving your product, provided the product is faulty or different from what was ordered originally. Once the issue is deemed valid our Returns Team will share a Consignment Number with you through which you can return your product along with the Company’s packing i.e. Flyer and the Box to your nearest Leopards Courier Centre (LCS).

When does Madinamobile accept returns?

All the mobile phones sold at are backed by a 1-year brand warranty. Please see below for information about cases in which PriceOye accepts returns.

  1. Non-PTA Mobile Phone
  2. Seal broken
  3. Already Activated Phone
  4. Repacked Phone
  5. Damaged Phone

Please note that any type of claim must be made within three days of receiving the product by launching a complaint on your account.


While most of our accessories come with 6 month to 1-year Warranty, some return duration may vary.

For information about cases in which we accept returns based on the warranty please see below.


We accept returns for earbuds in the following cases.

  1. Battery issue
  2. Connectivity Issue
  3. Physically Damaged
  4. Repacked
  5. Buds not working

Smart Watches

We accept returns for earbuds in the following cases.

  1. Battery issue
  2. Charging issues
  3. Display Issues
  4. Physical damage

How can I process the return of my Product?

To register your complaint for a different or faulty product please log into your PriceOye’s account.

Hover on the dashboard.

Click Complaints and add all details about your complaint.

  1. Mention complete details of your issue.
  2. Attach a complete unboxing video of your product received.
  3. Attach a complete video of the problem in question.

Please note that the return cannot be processed if your complaint contains insufficient details.

If a defect is determined within the 3-days Return Window, a replacement of the same model will be provided at no additional cost.

If no defect is confirmed or the issue is not diagnosed within 3 days of delivery, you will be directed to a brand service center to resolve any subsequent issues.

Please Note:

  1. Products cannot be returned or exchanged based on the customer’s change of mind.
  2. The claim should be made within 3 days of accepting the delivery package.
  3. The opening of the company’s flyer should be included in the unboxing video.
  4. No items from the box should be missing, broken, or damaged at the time of returning the product. To make any fraudulent claims, it is necessary to have a comprehensive unboxing video that records the entire process from the opening of the company’s flyer till the product is powered on.